• We can offer hardware and software solutions that is both Hosted in the cloud or locally to a server/workstation to offer the best business solution to meet your needs. We also offer hybrid solutions to offer added security and backup/disaster recovery to protect the data that is most important to your customers and you.
    • We can create a scalable model for your network, that allows you to expand when your ready while keeping the costs reasonable and the quality high.
    • We specialize in providing a quality experience from planning, to implementing, expanding and maintaining business environments for Small businesses.
    • Through special licensing available to educational institutions, we can provide a lower cost solution for software and hardware implementation.
    • We will help you maintain licensing compliance for the software your institution utilizes by educating users and employers on licensing standards and what it means to your business. This is what allows licensing to be provided at a lower cost without limiting the functionality of the software itself.
    • This hardware/software solution allows us to implement Servers and workstations as they would be in a larger environment but saving on space and resources, so your Educational institution gets a full computing environment, while saving on costs, resources and physical space. This also provides unique solutions for backup/ system replication to protect the environment in a point of failure in order to minimize impact on operations.
    • OEM licensing is a cost effective method of providing software to meet the needs of a customer without paying retail prices.
    • We can build custom servers, workstations and Pcs, utilizing the industry leaders in hardware and manufacturers, while still providing a cost effective solution to meet your needs.
    • OEM licensing is eligible for *Software Assurance within 90 days of purchase.
    • OEM Licensing is tied to the hardware in which it is provided, making it non-transferable to other computers. This creates limitations in its use but is one of the reasons OEM software is offered at a discount cost.
    • Microsoft Embedded is modularized to meet industry standards in any industry where solutions are needed.
    • Embedded software and operating systems can offer custom security configurations to allow employees and users to access exactly what you want.
    • Embedded software can be customized to meet your specific needs without cluttering with unneeded features.
    • Using Embedded software, we can create software packages that are as unique as your business.
    • Authorized, Microsoft refurbished computers provide a low cost solution for your home or business to keep you connected to the things most important to you.
    • Refurbished computers cut down on E-waste and the impact on the environment and planet itself.
    • Purchasing a refurbished computer from us will ensure you are compliant with all software licensing. So you can focus on the important things.
*Software Assurance can be purchased at or around the time of purchase. Software Assurance entitles yout an updates or upgrades in software of the same type, within a defined time limit.

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